Art is one of the oldest and most universal forms of visual communication.


Bradley Beard communicates through his art. He doesn’t feel that it’s particularly necessary to discuss what schools he’s attended or how many years he’s studied, who his influences are (as there are too many to list) or how many traditional mediums he’s mastered.


What he does want you to know is that he accomplished “13 Months of Horror”; a self-imposed challenge in which he created 421 horror-themed pop art portraits in a 396 day period and presented them consecutively each day on his Facebook art page.


Bradley was born to be an artist. He’s dedicated his life to its mastery. Art is his passion; understanding that is all one really needs to know to understand him. His artistic talent speaks for itself.



Now go back to his gallery and let it speak to you.




 "The Eye of Artistic Excellence"

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